WeDid: Netsuite & Warehouse Management System (Scale) Integration


The client uses Netsuite to manage the transaction orders and Manhattan SCALE, a warehouse system to manage the distribution of the products, they would like to sync data between both the systems to keep track of the orders and the inventory system.




Purpose The inventory records between two systems need to be consistently synced to track orders (from sales, purchase and return activities) and inventory (from the warehouse).
Applications Netsuite
Tool Dell Boomi Atmosphere
Information Netsuite Inventory Item > SCALE Item
Netsuite Transaction Order > SCALE Receipt
Netsuite Transaction Order > SCALE Shipment
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~100/day
Process Netsuite Inventory Item create/update SCALE Item
Netsuite Transaction Order create/update SCALE Receipt
Netsuite Transaction Order create SCALE Shipment
Schedule Every 5 minutes
Complexity Medium