WeDid: Parature and JIRA Integration


The Support team uses Parature and the Development team uses JIRA. Currently, when the Support team escalates to the Dev team they need to create the JIRA issues manually. Updates to the support cases are not visible to the development team. Developers have limited visibility to the number of support cases for a specific bug. An integrated solution is required to enable visibility and linking of Support Cases and JIRA issues.




Purpose Automate issue creation from Parature to JIRA
Automate issue linking process between Parature and JIRA. A case may be caused by a new bug or an existing bug in JIRA
Automate information updates between Parature and JIRA.
Applications Parature
Versions Parature
JIRA Hosted
Tool Parature-JIRA RIO: Boomi JIRA Connector, Boomi Parature Connector.
Information Parature Case > JIRA Issue
JIRA Issue Linking > Parature Case
Parature Case > JIRA Issue – Case Count
JIRA updated information > Parature Case
Data Formats XML
Volumes < 100/day
Process When a bug is confirmed, the Support Engineer searches for an existing bug in JIRA.If an existing bug is found, the Case and Issue are linked.

If there is no existing bug/Issue, a new Issue will be created in JIRA and linked with the Parature Case.

Inside a JIRA Issue, the developer can see how many cases are affected by this bug and prioritise accordingly.

Schedule Hourly
Complexity Moderate