WeDid: Pricebook Automation


A retail company sells and rents heavy machinery products to construction/ developer companies. Each of the machinery are sold or rented with more than one standard price depending on the type of clients that they are dealing with.  At this moment, the prices of the machinery are referred manually in a spreadsheet. Once they have identified the type of customer that they are working on, one will go through the spreadsheet and look for the correct price from the price spreadsheet.

Selecting the prices from the list of spreadsheets manually may result in price selection error. The scenario goes like this (example):

For “Product A”:


Client Type Pricebook Price
Category A Pricebook for “A” $55,000.00
Category B Pricebook for “B” $45,000.00


A matching module is created.  A user can now set up/related the pricebooks to the relevant customer type. When an opportunity is created, the correct pricebook will be selected automatically based on the client type set in Account. This eliminates the user from choosing the wrong pricebook.

Related Objects Pricebook, Custom Settings.
Components Apex Triggers, Apex Classes
Complexity Medium