WeDid: Record Validation – Field Flagging Automation


The Customer has implemented an integrated solution to synchronise their Salesforce Opportunity records to their accounting system. 

In practice, however, the user finds it hard to determine when the record is ready to be synced as there are several criteria to fulfil such as:

  • Opportunity Stage = Closed Won AND
  • Opportunity has Products/Line Items AND
  • Opportunity Amount > 0 AND
  • At least one Contact Role is specified on the Opportunity.

The user needs a flag in the Opportunity record to indicate that the record has met all the criteria and should sync successfully.

If the Opportunity has not met the criteria, this information will display in a field below the flag, i.e. “Opportunity does not have any Product(s) associated with it”.



  • To automate the verification of the integration criteria without manually going through the checklist.
  • Saves the Administrator time from checking through the records.
  • Users can straight away modify the record and ensure the record will be synced when the integration process runs.

Related Objects Opportunity
Components Apex Trigger
Complexity Simple