WeDid: Related List Automation


Customer’s business is providing training classes. Enrollment is made on a monthly basis depending on the course offered during the month. These enrollments are tracked in a Salesforce Opportunity and the attendees are tracked as contact roles on the Opportunity.

In the manual process, when the course has reached a defined stage, the Opportunity stage is updated to a custom stage called ‘Process Enrollment’ and the course trainer checks to make sure at least one contact role exists for the Opportunity.

A manual process is then followed to generate the:

  • invoice for the course
  • certification (sent at the end of the course)

In addition to handling the above if a course is cancelled, the following occurs manually:

  • deletion of the invoice
  • deletion of the certification

The current business model requires effort from both course trainer and the organiser, automation was required to reduce time and errors in the manual process.



  • Automate the verification process to ensure there is at least one contact role at stage = ‘Process Enrollment’
  • Reduce staff effort by generating an invoice/certificate automatically at Opportunity Stage = ‘Process Enrollment’
  • Automate the record deletion when course a is cancelled

Related Objects Opportunity
Components Apex Trigger
Complexity Moderate