WeDid: Result Release Mechanism


As an Education Provider, this customer allows their students to view their exam results online (via Student Community). Originally, the results were visible to students as soon as the exam scores were updated/released in Salesforce. This was causing some problems because there was no interval allowing course administrators to the verify data.
The high-level requirement was to implement Salesforce to handle the following:
  1. In the result release process, allow the course administrator to set a result release date.
  2. Results and exam scores will not be visible to students until the result release date.



WDCi were able to offer up our expert solution starting with:
  1. Enhance the user interface for result release wizard to include the customisation of result release date.
  2. Modelling the data model in Salesforce i.e. setup custom formula fields to mask the result status according to the result release date.
  3. Update existing code to accommodate the new logic of result release date.
Related Objects Existing Custom Objects
Components Apex, Custom Fields, and VisualForce Page
Complexity Moderate