WeDid: RightNow and PeopleSoft


Student records and the application process are maintained in PeopleSoft, and marketing activity to attract new or repeat students is managed within RightNow. The challenge was that there was no way to tell what stage a student’s application was for the marketing team. This resulted in missed opportunities or wasted calls to students who had already signed up. This resulted in data errors and inconsistency, as well as consuming a considerable amount of time for the staff involved. It also meant that the same student could be in both systems with different or duplicate details that were not linked.




Purpose To synchronise Student Contact information between the PeopleSoft database and RightNow.
Applications RightNow
Versions RightNow – Hosted Version Aug 09
Peoplesoft – SQL server 2008 staging table
Tool Boomi Atmosphere
Boomi RightNow Connector
Boomi Database Connector
Information Student contact details
Data Formats No intermediate data format.
Volumes Batch process with ~200 records in each daily batch
Process The process retrieves a “delta” of the daily changes in the Peoplesoft staging database and then uses a combination of criteria including Student ID, emails etc to match, Create and update records in RightNow
Schedule Daily
Complexity Simple process with some complex matching filters.