WeDid: Sage Saleslogix and Avantgard Integrity Integration


The client is using SalesLogix to handle credit/loan deals. When the deals are approved, the deal (and the deal related information) need to be in return track in the Sungard Avantgard Integrity system





Purpose To sync approved deals from Saleslogix into Avantgard Integrity system.
Applications Sage SalesLogix CRM
Sungard Avantgard Integrity
Versions SalesLogix On-Premise version 8.0.0
Integrity Version 8.4.1
Tool Boomi
Information SalesLogix Deal Roles > Integrity Counter Party
SalesLogix Deal Roles > Integrity BU Exposure Limit
SalesLogix Deal > Integrity Agreement
SalesLogix Deal > Integrity Facility
SalesLogix Deal Tranches and Fees > Integrity Tranche, Fee and Covenant
Data Formats JSON and XML
Volumes ~100/day
Process When a SalesLogix Deal (Custom) is approved, it in return creates an agreement in Integrity. All children information from deal such as contact roles, tranches and fees will create a corresponding Integrity record respectively as well.
Schedule Every 2 minutes
Complexity Medium