WeDid: Sage SalesLogix CRM and Aprimo Integration


The client is using both Sage SalesLogix CRM and Aprimo to handle the sales cycle and marketing. And, they want both of the Sales and the Marketing team always have the updated information.





Purpose The customer records between two systems need to be consistently synced to avoid invalid information and duplicate entry.
Applications Sage SalesLogix CRM
Versions Sage SalesLogix CRM On-Premise
Aprimo (Marketing Studio)
Tool Boomi
Information SalesLogix Company <> Aprimo Account
SalesLogix Contact <> Aprimo Audience Member
Data Formats JSON and XML
Volumes ~100/day
Process SalesLogix Company create/update Aprimo Account (Bi-directional)
SalesLogix Contact create/update Aprimo Audience Member (Bi-directional)
Schedule Every 15 minutes
Complexity Medium