WeDid: Salesforce and Bugzilla Integration


An organisation uses Salesforce for CRM and Case management and Bugzilla as their bug tracking system. Once a bug is verified the Support Engineer creates a bug manually in Bugzilla. Support Engineers are then required to periodically login to Bugzilla to check if there are any updates from the developer on the bug. The current manual process is time-consuming and prone to errors.




Purpose Automate case to bug creation. Once a case is confirmed as a bug in Salesforce, it will be created automatically in Bugzilla.
Automate bug updates to the case. An engineer can read the latest status of the bug inside Salesforce case.
Automate communication between Salesforce and Bugzilla. An engineer can communicate with Developer through Salesforce case comment.
Applications CRM
Versions Salesforce
Bugzilla 3.4.x
Tool Salesforce-Bugzilla RIO: Boomi Salesforce Connector, Boomi Bugzilla Connector
Information Salesforce Case > Bugzilla bug
Bugzilla Bug Updates > Salesforce Case
Salesforce Case Comment > Bugzilla Bug Comment
Bugzilla Bug Comment > Salesforce Case Comment
Data Formats XML
Volumes < 20/day
Process When a Case in Salesforce reaches bug status, it will be automatically created as a Bug in Bugzilla.When the Bug is updated in Bugzilla, the Salesforce Case is updated with this information.

When a comment is added to the Case in Salesforce, it will be synchronised to the Bug in Bugzilla.

When a comment is added to the Bug in Bugzilla it will be synchronised to the Salesforce Case.

Schedule 10 minutes
Complexity Moderate