WeDid: Salesforce and custom ERP system


An existing custom ERP system built on SQL Server had historically been the repository for all Account, Contact and Customer information and activity recording. After the implementation of Salesforce, activities for Customers would continue to be recorded in the ERP system and would need to be updated to Salesforce for visibility by the sales teams.




Purpose Ensure all Activity data was automatically updated between the two systems
Applications In-house ERP (Database) CRM
Versions SQL Server 2005
Salesforce – Winter 09
Tool Boomi – Database Connector
Boomi – Salesforce Connector
Information Task Table
User Table
Salesforce Opportunities
Salesforce Activities
Data Formats No intermediate data format, DB records to Salesforce XML and vice versa.
Volumes < 10/day
Process Tasks created in the ERP system are added as Activities in Salesforce
Schedule Hourly
Error Handling Email to nominated contact at client.
Complexity Simple