Wedid: Salesforce and JobReady Integration


When an opportunity is closed, students will be enrolled in different courses. The enrollment data and all the dependent data (Account/Contact) needed to be re-entered manually into JobReady.




Purpose To synchronize student, account and contact information between Salesforce and JobReady
Applications Salesforce
Versions Salesforce (Spring 2012)
Tool Talend
Information Salesforce Account > JobReady Party (Employer)
Salesforce Contact > JobReady Party (Person)
Salesforce Student > JobReady Student
Data Formats XML/Flat File
Volumes ~5000/week
Process When an account or contact is created or updated in Salesforce, it will be synchronised into JobReady as Employer and Person.
When a student (custom object) is enrolled from a closed won opportunity, the student data will be inserted into JobReady
Schedule ~15 days
Complexity Complex