WeDid: Salesforce and MYOB EXO Business Integration


Customer needs to manually insert Sales Orders/Invoices into MYOB EXO Business if any Closed/Won Salesforce Opportunities created. The manual task also involved manual Account and Stock checking, and create them if necessary in MYOB EXO Business.

This resulted in data errors and inconsistency, as well as consuming a considerable amount of time for the accounting staff involved.




Purpose Automatically synchronize Salesforce Opportunities to MYOB EXO Business as Order/Invoices.
Applications MYOB EXO Business
Versions MYOB EXPO Business
Tool Dell Boomi Atmosphere
Information MYOB EXO Business Stock > Salesforce Product
Salesforce Account > MYOB EXO Business Account
Salesforce Opportunity > MYOB EXO Business Order/Invoice
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~10/day
Process Any Closed/Won Salesforce Opportunities will be picked up by the integration and they will be created as Order/Invoice in MYOB EXO Business.
Schedule Daily
Complexity Medium