WeDid: Salesforce and MYOB Integration


When Opportunities were won in Salesforce there was a manual entry of the Customer details into the MYOB accounting system and a manual update of the Salesforce Opportunity with the Invoice details from MYOB.

This resulted in data errors and inconsistency, as well as consuming a considerable amount of time for the accounting staff involved.




Purpose Eliminate manual data entry of MYOB orders from Salesforce Opportunities.
Automatically update Salesforce Opportunities with MYOB Invoice numbers.
Applications MYOB Accounting Premier CRM
Versions MYOB v12.5
Tool Salesforce-MYOB ReadyMade <Demo>
Information Salesforce Account > MYOB Card
MYOB Item > Salesforce Product
Salesforce Opportunity > MYOB Order/Invoice
MYOB Order/Invoice Number > Salesforce Opportunity (Order/Invoice Number)
Data Formats No intermediate data format, Salesforce XML to MYOB database.
Volumes < 10/day
Process When Opportunities are closed within Salesforce, a MYOB order is created. Update the Salesforce Opportunity with the Invoice number from MYOB.
Schedule Hourly
Complexity Simple