WeDid: Salesforce and Netsuite Integration


The user is utilizing Salesforce and Netsuite to handle sales from different sales channel (i.e. Direct Customer Sales, eCommerce Sales). As such, it is a challenge to ensure that the sales transaction records (i.e. opportunities, products, etc.) are in sync between these two separate applications managed by different sales team.




Purpose To automate and synchronize the products and opportunities that were recorded in Salesforce and Netsuite systems.
Applications CRM
Versions Salesforce
Netsuite Online
Tool Dell Boomi Atmosphere
Information Netsuite Item > Salesforce Product
Salesforce Opportunity > Netsuite Opportunity
Netsuite Invoice > Salesforce Opportunity
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~50/day
Process Newly created/update Netsuite Item will be synced into Salesforce Product.
When an opportunity in Salesforce reaches a certain stage (i.e. 80%), a corresponding opportunity will be created in Netsuite.
When an Invoice is created in Netsuite, the corresponding Salesforce Opportunity will be updated with Closed/Won stage automatically.
If a sales transaction is made from the eCommerce channel, an Invoice will be created in Netsuite too and a corresponding Closed/Won Opportunity will be synced into Salesforce.
Schedule 15 minutes
Complexity Medium