WeDid: Salesforce and RentalPoint


The customer is facing a challenge to incorporate company data between the applications they use. Client data and sales are managed in Salesforce while rental bookings reside in RentalPoint. Repetitive manual data entries need to be done to keep client and sales data aligned between the applications. For every booking done in RentalPoint, it needs to relate to the sales in Salesforce.




Purpose Automatically synchronise Salesforce Account/Contact to RentalPoint as Customer/Contact and also RentalPoint Bookings to Salesforce Opportunity.
Applications Salesforce
RentalPoint v10
Tool Talend
Information Salesforce Account > RentalPoint Customer
Salesforce Contact > RentalPoint Contact
RentalPoint Booking > Salesforce Opportunity
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~50
Process Newly created account/contact will be synced to RentalPoint as customer/contact.
Any bookings with Heavy Pencil/Confirmed/Cancelled with a given type will be created to Salesforce as opportunity.
Schedule Every 30 mins
Complexity Simple