WeDid: Salesforce and Saasu Integration With Multiple Currency And File


The customer uses Salesforce to track sales opportunities and Saasu as their accounting system. Multi-currency is enabled in Salesforce to track the sales from different transactions. In Saasu, they will track the financial records for each transaction entity located in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore using multiple files.

The transactions need to be manually created in Saasu according to the entity. See the following diagram for illustration:





Purpose Automate the invoice creation to multiple Saasu files based on the allocated entity for the SF Opportunity contact role
Applications Saasu CRM
Versions Saasu
Tool RIO Salesforce-Saasu Sync (HTTP Callout and SF managed package)
Information Salesforce Contacts > Saasu Contacts
Salesforce Opportunity > Saasu Order/Invoice
Saasu Payment > Salesforce Opportunity
Data Formats XML
Volumes < 15/day
Process When an Opportunity is ready to be synced to Saasu, user can execute the creation via sync button. Contact and order/invoice are created in Saasu.
Schedule Manual
Error Handling All errors are handled and displayed inside Salesforce.
Complexity Medium