WeDid: Salesforce and Saasu Integration


Customer uses Salesforce to track sales opportunities and Saasu as their accounting system. When Opportunities are “Closed Won” in Salesforce an Order or invoice was created manually in Saasu. In addition the Contact and Product information is not in sync between the two systems.



Purpose Automate the invoice creation, product and contact synchronisation. Ideally customer will receive an invoice from email automatically
Applications Saasu CRM
Versions Saasu
Tool Salesforce-Saasu ReadyMade <Demo>
Information Salesforce Contacts > Saasu Contacts
Saasu Items > Salesforce Products
Salesforce Opportunity > Saasu Order/Invoice
Saasu Order/Invoice Number > Salesforce Opportunity (Invoice Number)
Data Formats XML
Volumes < 15/day
Process When an Opportunity is in the “Closed Won” stage in Salesforce, an order or invoice is automatically created in Saasu. Items in Saasu are created and updated as Products in Salesforce.
Schedule Hourly
Error Handling All errors are handled inside Salesforce.
The user can choose to configure the email alert to receive email error notifications.
Complexity Simple