WeDid: Salesforce and Shopping Cart Application Integration


Web registrant and web purchase are not visible inside Salesforce. The products in Salesforce and VirtueMart needed to be synchronised.




Purpose Ensure that the web purchases from VirtueMart are being tracked in Salesforce.
Applications Joomla VirtueMart CRM
Versions VirtueMart 1.1.3
Salesforce – Winter 09
Tool Database Connector
Salesforce Connector
Information VirtueMart Registrants <> Salesforce Contacts
VirtueMart Products <> Salesforce Products
VirtueMart Order <> Salesforce Opportunities
Data Formats No intermediate data format, Salesforce XML to generic database.
Volumes <10/day
Process When an Order is confirmed within VirtueMart, a Salesforce Opportunity is created. Update the Salesforce Opportunity with the Order Number from VirtueMart
Schedule Hourly
Error Handling Email to nominated contact at client.
Complexity Moderate