WeDid: Salesforce and WorkflowMax Integration


Customer uses Salesforce to track sales opportunities and WorkflowMax as their project management. Opportunities that are ready to start work need to be created into WorklowMax as jobs along with the related clients. Once the job is completed, the details need to be updated back to Salesforce opportunity for closure




Purpose To automate the creation of a WorkflowMax Client and Job from a Salesforce Opportunity & Account.  
To update the Salesforce Opportunity from the WorkflowMax Job.
Applications WorkflowMax CRM
Versions WorkflowMax
Tool Talend
Information Salesforce Account > WorkflowMax Client
Salesforce Opportunity > WorkflowMax Job
WorkflowMax Job > Salesforce Opportunity
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~20/day
Process When an Opportunity is in ‘Submitted’ stage in Salesforce, a job is automatically created in WorkflowMax. The associated SF account is created as the client in WorkflowMax.
Schedule Daily
Complexity Simple