WeDid: Salesforce as Property Tracking System


The company sells properties and property consulting services.

The company needs to use Salesforce to keep track on:

  • The list properties (Both sold and open for sale)
  • Information on property inspections (date, time, person in charge,  remarks)
  • Information on when and who that a particular property has been proposed to (properties that are still open for sale).
  • A number of properties (based on types) searched, reviewed and proposed for each client.
  • Sales amount and actual sales amount



Create custom objects to store information on properties, inspection details and proposal details. Using validations rules, the lookup is controlled/filtered to the only lookup for available units (open for sale). Calculation of property selling prices and consultation services prices are done by introducing formula fields.


Related Objects Opportunity, Custom objects
Components Formula Fields
Validation Rules
Complexity Low