WeDid: Salesforce As Retail Coordination System


A consultancy company needs to provide solution to the customer encompassing a portfolio of the retail information relating to the property, budgeting, landlord, solicitor etc. The challenges identified in the solution are:

  • each detailed information need to be linked to create a connected entity as documents need to be generated at each record level containing the summarised entities
  • all steps need to be tracked in each of the leasing opportunities to capture the offer/counter offer stages
  • elaborate documents need to be generated




All retail entity is tracked and managed from the objects in the diagram to create a linkage.  Precise data modelling is required. When documents are generated, retrieving information for each entity will not be an issue.

Each offer stage will be tracked individually. Once a final offer is decided, a trigger is implemented to roll up the final result to the opportunity.

Related Objects Account
Associated Entity (Custom)
Account Site (Custom)
Site (Custom)
Offer (Custom)
Components Data Modelling
Salesforce Apex
Conga Composer
Complexity Medium