WeDid: Salesforce, Netsuite and OpenAir Integration


The customer was running Salesforce for sales automation, Netsuite for ERP and finance and OpenAir for Project Management. Salesforce Opportunities were being manually converted into Netsuite Sales Orders, Netsuite Projects and OpenAir Projects. Product data was being updated in both Salesforce and Netsuite, along with the manual synchronisation of Customer data. There was a requirement to automate this process to eliminate manual entry, ensure data accuracy, provide visibility to payments and ensure a consistent reliable process for revenue recognition for their business.




Purpose Automate the creation of Netsuite sales orders from Salesforce Opportunities
Automate project creation from Salesforce to Netsuite and OpenAir
Automate project updates from OpenAir to Salesforce and Netsuite
Automate invoice and payment information from Netsuite to Salesforce
Applications Salesforce CRM
Versions Boomi Atmosphere
HTTP Connector (XML API)
Salesforce Connector
NetSuite Connector
Tool Dell Boomi Atmosphere
Information Netsuite Item > Salesforce Product
Salesforce Account > Netsuite Customer
Salesforce Opportunity > Netsuite Sales Order
Salesforce Opportunity > Netsuite Project
Salesforce Opportunity > OpenAir Project
OpenAir Project > Netsuite Project
OpenAir Project > Salesforce Project (Custom Object)
Netsuite Invoice > Salesforce Invoice (Custom Object)
Netsuite Payment > Salesforce Payment (Custom Object)
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~1000/day
Process Products are created and maintained in Netsuite.Salesforce is the master of customer data.

When an opportunity is closed, the integration process will create a Sales Order in Netsuite, a project in Netsuite and project in OpenAir.

Invoice and payment updates are reflected in Salesforce.

Project updates are reflected in both Salesforce and Netsuite.

Schedule Several times/day
Complexity Complex