WeDid: Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA Integration


An organisation uses Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA for their sales, CRM and support operations. The sales team uses Salesforce to manage their Accounts whereas the support agents and developers use RightNow and JIRA to record and resolve all support requests raised by the customers. The requirement was for a solution to eliminate the need to have each team member log into different applications to re-key data such as customer details, support requests and status.




Purpose Automate account and contact synchronisation from Salesforce so that customers can directly create support requests in RightNow.
Automate product synchronisation from Salesforce to RightNow.
Automate support requests creation within Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA.
Applications CRM
Versions Salesforce
RightNow – Hosted Version Aug 09
JIRA Hosted
Tool Salesforce-RightNow-JIRA RIO <Demo>
Information Salesforce Contact/Account > RightNow Contact/Organisation
Salesforce Product > RightNow Products
RightNow Incident > Salesforce Case
RightNow Incident > JIRA Issue JIRA Issue > RightNow Incident
Data Formats XML
Volumes < 15/day
Process When a Contact/Account is created in Salesforce, it will be automatically created as Contact/Organisation in RightNow.For each new support request (incident) created in RightNow, it will be automatically created as a case in Salesforce. All updates will be reflected in the case when there are changes in the support request.

When the support request is escalated, an issue will be automatically created in JIRA and the support request will be populated with the JIRA issue key and link when it is resolved.

Schedule Hourly
Complexity Simple