WeDid: SAP and Salesforce


The client had implemented Salesforce, and required frequent data updates from their SAP system to Salesforce. 
In addition a solution was required to allow the upload of a large volume of files into Salesforce, providing visibility 
to this information to all Salesforce users.




Purpose Update financial transactions from SAP to Salesforce.
Applications Salesforce
SAP with CSV file output
File system containing files for uploaded into Salesforce
Versions CRM
Tool Talend Open Studio
Information Financial Data
Data Formats CSV File Format
Volumes ~1000 records/day
~200 files/day
Process CSV files are extracted frequently from SAP. The integration process parses the file and creates records in a custom object in Salesforce. CSV file contains links to multiple files, integration process checks for file existence in Salesforce, uploading the file as necessary, once only.
Schedule Scheduled to run hourly
Complexity Medium