WeDid: SAP data to XML


The client had a tight deadline to deliver a new integration project between SAP and an in-house developed web-based solution.




Purpose To pass contractors salary’s payment information from custom web solution to SAP system. The rate is calculated based on the task performed by the hour, day or specific assignment. The main reason for automating is to speed up the payment process and reduce human data entry error.
Applications SAP R/3 4.7
Custom web solution
webMethods 6.x platform
Versions SAP R/3 4.7
webMethods 6 platform
Tool SAP Adapter
Information Contractor’s Salary Payment
Data Formats SOAP RPC and XML
Volumes 50 – 100 transaction per day
Process The contractor’s salary payment data is retrieved and processed. Then, the processed data will be pushed into SAP via SAP Adapter.
Schedule Real-time invocation from custom web solution calling webMethods web service.
Error Handling Error-handling has been pre-built in the previous implementation. All errors & logging are stored in Ms SQL 2000.
Complexity Complex