WeDid: Site Management


This company is the supplier of heating systems, DIY products and installation services.
Initially, all the data related to the heating systems and their installation sites were managed in completely different systems. This was causing several hiccups such as:
  1. The Sales process is not seamless – there is a lack of conversion visibility
  2. Duplicates of records due to the double handling of data – particularly with Site data
  3. Difficulty to┬árun cross-reference data checks and find critical information – check and balance tasks/work completed at per site


The high-level requirement was to implement Salesforce to handle the following:

  1. In the Lead conversion process, which enables users to search and link existing Site to the Lead records before converting. On Lead conversion, the converted Client is to be linked automatically to the selected existing Site record.
  2. If it is a new Lead, create a new Site record when the Lead is converted.
  3. Tracking of Sales progress.
  4. Tracking of installation details e.g. Site addresses and remarks.



WDCi were able to offer up our expert solution starting with:

  1. Modelling the data model in Salesforce i.e. setup custom fields to store relevant information for Sites.
  2. Setup custom validation to minimise the duplication of records.
  3. Setup an automation that handles the Lead conversion where this automation would link the converted Lead to an existing Site record or create a new Site record.


Related Objects Lead, Account, Custom Object
Components Process Builder, Flow
Complexity Easy