WeDid: XML EDI, Salesforce and Netsuite


The customer has a distributor that sell their product to reseller or end user throughout Europe countries.
When an order is placed, the distributor will send an email with Purchase Order information and this information was being keyed into Netsuite manually.
Once the order was confirmed, a separate email with Invoice information was sent back to the distributor.
Sometimes, the Purchase Order will have to match to an opportunity that is created in Salesforce before the order is placed. And, the matched Salesforce opportunity needs to be synced to Netsuite.
This is inefficient and prone to errors due to the large volume of Purchase Orders to be processed daily.



Purpose To capture purchase orders placed by distributors automatically and acknowledge them once the purchase order is processed.
Match the existing Salesforce Opportunity with the information contains in the XML PO EDI and sync it to Netsuite.
To send a confirmed invoice to distributors together with the associated product license key.
Applications Netsuite (ERP)
Salesforce (CRM)
Versions Netsuite ERP
Salesforce v28.0
Tool Dell Boomi Atomsphere
Information XML PO > Match Salesforce Opportunity > Netsuite Opportunity
XML PO > Netsuite Sales Order
Purchase Order Acknowledgement > XML PO Ack
Netsuite Invoice > XML Invoice
Data Formats Web service XML envelop (Netsuite and Salesforce), XML EDI
Volumes ~100/day
Process Retrieves XML PO EDI file via FTP and create into Netsuite Sales Order.Matches customer and reseller information found in the XML PO EDI with existing customer in Netsuite by using advanced customer matching logic.

Matches the opportunity information found in the XML PO EDI with existing opportunity in Salesforce and sync to Netsuite.

Retrieves Netsuite Invoice for the sales order and create XML Invoice EDI and place to FTP.

Schedule Hourly
Complexity Moderate