WeDid: Single Sign-On for Salesforce and OpenLDAP


To provide secure SSO to, without the need for users or the IT department to manage yet another set of user credentials. One username and password for multiple systems means less management overhead. Single sign on provides a great user experience and reduced frustration at having to remember yet another password.





Purpose Utilise identities in existing LDAP repository for secure SSO to Salesforce.
Applications, Open DS LDAP Directory
Versions Salesforce Spring ’10
PingFederate 6.1
Single Sign On Solution Customised Intranet
Information User credentials for authentication
SSO When a user accesses Salesforce either via

  • the Salesforce login page or
  • a deep link via a bookmark

The user is authenticated via their current LDAP credentials.
If the user is already logged into LDAP they are automatically logged into Salesforce.
No retyping of username/password.

Complexity Medium