WeDid:Partner Community for Sales & Marketing Agency


This agency helps their partners to market their products to hypermart. The challenges they have are:

  • The agency sales rep needs to keep track of the historical purchase for each hypermart. They are unable to share this information with their partners.
  • When the agency sales rep receives an order from hypermart, they will need to place an order to their partners. This is currently done via phone call.
  • The agency sales rep should also monitor the shipment of the purchase to hypermart. It is tracked in a spreadsheet.
  • The communication between 3 parties are all in email/fax format. It is time consuming to consolidate them.



Salesforce Partner Community via the following setup:

  • The partners can login and access to their Salesforce with restricted access to their own data.
  • The partners can view all new/historical sales from different hypermart
  • All communication (email/call) is tracked using Salesforce activities
  • The full life cycle from Lead > Sales > Shipment is tracked in Salesforce. This process is also visible to the partners.
Related Objects Opportunities, Shipment, Order
Components Partner Community, Report, Dashboard
Complexity Medium