Whats involved in testing an integration involving 3 applications?

Following on from our recent blog on Salesforce – Netsuite – OpenAir integration.


What’s involved in testing an integration like this and how much time do you and your customer want to spend testing?.  If your integration takes 20 days to design and build, what %age of that time should you spend testing?  In our experience that depends on the following:


Process complexity:

  • How complex are the integrations, are there any two-way or three-way synchronisations, ie are Customer details synchronised bi-directionally across applications.


Manual steps:

  • Are there any manual steps to the process, these can introduce strange behaviours to the process if they are not followed correctly.


Application dependencies:

  • What field incompatibilities could we encounter, i.e. by default Salesforce allows an Account name to be very long, whilst Netsuite only allows 40 characters.  Do we setup validations in the applications to handle this?  This is both a design and testing consideration.


Process dependencies:

  • Are there sub-processes?  i.e. does an Invoice create require a Customer create and if so, what happens if one of the processes fail?


Operational dependencies:

  • What volume is involved and can we simulate the volume in testing?
  • Are there organisational factors at play that require immediate deployment?
  • Are there budget and resource limitations?


Unfortunately, there’s no formula, complexity, time and budget all comes into play.