Boom Tip: Why Boomi Advanced Workflow? Part 1 – The Business Rules Shape

In this blog, we will talk about one of the powerful Advanced Workflow components, the Business Rules shape. This component is capable of simplifying your integration implementation logic by performing multiple business requirements checking prior to processing a valid document.


The integration process needs to precisely reflect the business logic, hence, the Business Rules shape. The Business Rules also has the flexibility of allowing multiple decision checking.


Let’s form a scenario for further illustration:


A developer would like to insert the Contact information from a .csv file into Salesforce Contact. Some of the fields in the csv file is empty and this may cause an error during the insert process.

Below are the conditions that need to be met:

  • firstName cannot be empty
  • lastName cannot be empty
  • email must end with domain


Based on the above scenario we can easily achieve it by using 3 Decision Shapes.



This process looks a bit complex and repetitive right? We already have such a complex process with only 3 conditions let alone adding 10 or 20 more conditions? The process is going to be very long and messy. Using the Notify Shape is not a problem but it only deems to be inefficient to repeat all the steps for every condition that needs to be verified.


Luckily, Boomi came out with the Business Rules Shape component! It reduces the pain for developers while creating the process. Let’s see how simplified and efficient the process look like with the Business Rules Shape component in place.


By using the Business Rules:
  • Development can be faster, tidier and easier to maintain.
  • Provide Rejected Message within the component (saves up additional component)
  • Allow configuration of input data before verification


Hope this will benefit your design for any of the integration processes that you develop!