Why Boomi Advanced Workflow? – Part 2: The Notify Shape

Being part of the Boomi Advanced Workflow component, Notify is a simple yet useful shape when developing the integration process. Notify shape to allow us to create our own execution logs/notification message which is useful in terms of logging or troubleshooting the integration process. Instead of displaying the connector/system error message, we can define our own error log in a more understandable form. Not just that, the Notify shape can give you more.


Imagine the following scenario.


A CSV source is required to sync over to two different target instance. The user needs to be notified when there is an error during the integration process so that further data fixes can be performed. This is achievable with Basic Workflow by utilizing branch for sequential process and the Exception shape for error notification purposes. For example:-


With the above design, the process will not proceed to the next branch to perform the next process if the first branch hit into theĀ error. The whole process will be stopped and consider the error. In this case, whether or not the process to work on target 2 will be highly dependent on the first branch success rate.


Alternatively, we can utilize the Message shape to replace the Exception shape. With that, the integration process will continue to execute in the second branch. However, an additional Mail connector (this will incur additional cost) is required in order to receive the error message through email.


Now, with the Notify shape similar effect can be achieved much simpler. For example:-



By using the Notify shape:

  • The process can continue its execution even if there is error occur in any branch.
  • We too can customize the error message to be more understandable as explained earlier.
  • Email alert will be received by the user who subscribed to the email alert.
  • It also gives you the flexibility to adjust the log level as in certain condition, you may want it to be log as a ‘Warning’ instead of ‘Error’.