Why Boomi Advanced Workflow? – Part 3: The Process Call Shape

We talked about how useful some shapes is available in Boomi Advanced Workflow before. In this episode, we will cover another powerful Advanced Workflow shape, the Process Call which will help in reducing the complexity of your process design.


If you have two different source records (i.e. the Sales Order and Invoice) from Netsuite and they are require to sync into Salesforce as Opportunity, how would you design in Boomi platform? Without the Process Call shape, you may be building two processes to achieve this. For example:-


Process #1:


Process #2:


Did you noticed that both the processes are performing the same operation? What if it is not just two different sources but tens or even more of it? You would still achieve it by repetitively create the same process but with different source. This will be time consuming and difficult to maintain.


Life gets easier when you utilize the Process Call shape.


You can now develop a shared process that perform the repetitive work. A sample of the design will look like this:


The shared process:

The two (or the many) processes that you will be designing can then reuse the shared process by using the Process Call shape. For example:-


Process #1 (changed):


Process#2 (changed):


As such, with Process Call you will benefit with:-

  • Reducing the complexity of the integration process (i.e. putting all components and logic into one process)
  • Avoid doing repetitive work (i.e. creating same shapes, connections, and doing the same configurations every time you have a new process)
  • Time-saving considering we no longer need to repeat our work for another process