Why Boomi Advanced Workflow? Part 4: The Cleanse Shape

Compared to theDecision andBusiness Rules shapes, Cleanse shape is another helpful Boomi Advanced Workflow component that helps to validate the document and perform a different kind of filtering function to help improves the business requirement. The ‘Cleanse’ shape uses the profile to verify the data base on:-

  • Mandatory value
  • Minimum and maximum length
  • Date and numeric data type and formatting


Let’s look at the following scenario:-


A .csv Contact flat file is required to sync into the Salesforce Contact Object and some additional field requirements/validation were configured in Salesforce Contact Object such as:

  • Last Name field is Mandatory
  • Weight(kg) and Height(cm) fields has maximum length equal to 3
  • BirthDate has data type format equal to yyyy-MM-dd


Imagine that we have three records which look like this:



In the sample spreadsheet above, the first and third records will be inserted successfully and the second record will fail instead with the following simple design:



Some limitations of the design above are:

  • Rejected record, cannot be fixed immediately after the validation is performed during the Salesforce Operation
  • Since the field validation is performed in Salesforce Connector component, extra connector call will be used to handle the fail record as well


Now, let’s introduce the ‘Cleanse’ Shape into the design:



The design above shows that good or/and bad data can now be handled in the ‘Cleanse’ shape itself so that:-

  • The good data can be processed normally
  • The bad data can be routed to a different process for further processing (or fixing) instead prior to inserting the data into Salesforce
  • It also helps to prevent extra connector call just to handle the bad data in the Salesforce Connector shape itself