Why Boomi Advanced Workflow? – Part 5: The Flow Control Shape

The Flow Control shape is another Boomi Advanced Workflow component that is worth sharing here. This component helps control how documents are being flowed through the integration process to meet business needs.


For example, we have a source CSV file abstracted daily from an FTP server and the requirement is to sync the information queried into another system as a Customer and Sales Order record respectively.


Imagine that one of the CSV file queried consist of the following data:-



With a simple Boomi process design, both the Customer and Sales Order records can easily get synced into the target instance:-



The simple design above:-

  • Will first create customers then followed by Sales Order which will be the child of the customers.
  • However all 4 records will be processed on each shape at the same time and would create duplicate CustomerB.
  • Hence SO-002 and SO-003 will be linked to different CustomerB instead.


The scenario above can be improved by introducing the Flow Control shape into the design:-



With Flow Control set to “Run Each Document Individually” as above:-

  • Each record row will be processed one by one in Branch 1 as compared to the earlier design where the documents are processed concurrently.
  • As such, CustomerB inline with SO-002 will be inserted into the target instance first.
  • Then CustomerB inline with SO-003 record kicks in, and this time, an existing record is found, hence the second CustomerB will not be created/processed.
  • We can achieve an end result whereby there will be no duplicate customers in the instance and all Sales Orders will be inserted into the parent Customer accordingly.