Working with Gartner accelerates our RIO Education GTM plan

Providing the perfect product for our customers has always been our priority – but how do we reach and interact with them? This is where Gartner comes in.

With Gartner’s help, we were able to identify the areas we needed to improve on.

These included:

  • Defining a Go-to-Market strategy
  • Creating channel and partner strategies
  • Increased pipeline growth
  • An effective product strategy and launch plan
  • Growing and retaining any existing accounts
  • Developing and refining case studies


“We’ve stayed lean because we brought Gartner on to do a lot of the advising for us. We felt the investment was worthwhile from the start with Gartner because we knew we’d get access to a whole lot more than if we hired one person.” – Quote Deborah Brook, CEO WDCi Group


You can read our full case study here at the Gartner website.